You Guys Were Right...

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Runtime: 13:12


كاتي كاتي
كاتي كاتي - Måned siden
the Netflix movie she was talking about is based on a book by Iain Reid and the book is sooo much better. it's short and you can read it in just a few hours. it's waaaay scarier 😳
Melynda Swindell
Melynda Swindell - Måned siden
I love our sit downs cus it helps me I have anxiety I don’t like Reading in front of people And that’s ok but I need to ride a way to start just like you I know that’s like a lot different but that’s what’s happening and you told me so I’m telling you I hope y’all have a good day or night just know there’s so much and so many people who LOVEEEE what you do same as me and just don’t give up ya know say strong❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Eve Christensen
Eve Christensen - Måned siden
Colleen I just want you to know that we LOVE watching your videos, and that means every part of it. We watch these videos for YOU! We WANT to hear about all the ups and downs in your life and it’s ok to have those downs. You never need to apologize for feeling your emotions, for being human. I thoroughly enjoy watching every part of your vlogs including your sit down talks. Theyre a really nice dose of genuine real ness and I really appreciate you being so open and raw about the stuff you’re struggling with. ❤️❤️❤️
Noa Mandelbaum
Noa Mandelbaum - Måned siden
bella celeste
bella celeste - Måned siden
I used to go to therapy when I was younger and I hated it. She didn’t really help me with anything and kind of just made things worse. She was also told about one thing that I did not have and so it made it even more stressful. And i didn’t find out until a few years later which makes sense why it never helped.
Noa Mandelbaum
Noa Mandelbaum - Måned siden
It’s so weird watching Miranda talk in a colleen voice Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha LMAOOOOO
Tillytom Jones
Tillytom Jones - 2 måneder siden
You talking about your BFRB has helped me so much, Colleen. I have been picking my skin literally for years, as long as I can remember. I was always a nail biter growing up, still am, and I always thought this was just a progression from that bad habit, like a more extreme version but there was nothing else to it, but after watching your videos and then doing some research I realized how damaging this was. I was obsessing over everything, sometimes spending hours trying to get a piece of nail or skin off from my fingers. Sometimes I would be late to things because I couldn't stop or I wouldn't be able to finish my homework because I got distracted and spent three hours ripping the skin out from around my nailbeds instead of writing my essay. I literally just brushed all of this off as a bad habit until you talked about having a similar behavior. I finally brought it up with my therapist and am finally realizing that I have a problem. Literally ripping off my nailbeds and picking scabs for months and months so that they leave a scar that would've never been there in the first place or pickingthe calluses off of my fingers as soon as I build them up which makes my fingers practically unusable until I grow back a layer of skin has been something I never really bothered to acknowledge until now. So seriously, thank you. You have no idea how much it has helped me and I will always be grateful that you shared your experience with your audience.
green tea
green tea - 2 måneder siden
I can't open my Gatorade. Send help.
Simone Colucci
Simone Colucci - 2 måneder siden
You look so pretty, great video
Tia brown bear
Tia brown bear - 2 måneder siden
Why do I feel Ike Colleen is actually Miranda
Tia brown bear
Tia brown bear - 2 måneder siden
Why does she always look like Miranda
HEATCO CM - 2 måneder siden
As a therapist I can say DO NOT FEEL BAD FOR CHANGING. Therapy IS like dating. It is not a failure for you!! And it's not a failure for the therapist (in most cases). So don't feel bad. Any therapist who has their ego in check understands this. Find one that does help you and don't think twice if you need to try a few. Sending you healing mojo. It's tough times and anxiety is at a all time high so you are not alone. The tides will change and things will get better. Keeping telling yourself than Colleen! Sending love. PS the last real outing I had with my teen daughter was to see you in Ft Lauderdale just before Covid hit. We were so lucky. Your show was so fun.
Naya Salahieh
Naya Salahieh - 2 måneder siden
Coleen: Make the playdo flat!
Flynn: *violently slaps table*
aallisonwonderlandd - 2 måneder siden
read the book instead of the movie on Netflix - it's so much better and makes more sense
Kaylee Boudreau
Kaylee Boudreau - 2 måneder siden
Hey I don't know if you will see this but when my mom would get a sty she would use tea bags. You basically just make tea and then use the tea bag on your eye. She would just hold the tea bag on her eye with a rag and continue to keep it warm by putting it in the microwave for a few seconds. It helped her so maybe it would help you :)
Lauren Goodbrand
Lauren Goodbrand - 2 måneder siden
I really love it when you talk about mental health. I was told I had anxiety in June. It had all flared up due to the pandemic and I was having panic attack almost daily. When I hear you talk about it, it calms me down and makes me think that there are ways to calm down and cope with it. I just really wanted to let you know how I felt. THANK YOU 😇☺️😘
Happyrblx - 2 måneder siden
Awe! Trust me, we listen to you and we support you 🥺
Guinevere Santaguida
Guinevere Santaguida - 2 måneder siden
Colleen! I cheek bite, and I just had to switch therapists! THANK YOU for sharing this. You’re not alone, and I feel less alone too 💛
Kate KreeperKing
Kate KreeperKing - 2 måneder siden
Last Monday before we had to evacuate because of a fire, me and mom watched "I'm thinking of ending things"
Bunni Bee
Bunni Bee - 2 måneder siden
I HATEDDDDUH that movie.
ladybiker09 - 2 måneder siden
you did not bore me, i am almost 100% positive i have this disorder too. currently picking my foot as i type. i am sooooo interested in your journey with this.
Sarah McKeown
Sarah McKeown - 2 måneder siden
You have a lot more interesting things to say and great insights than you sometimes give yourself credit for in these videos! We are absolutely not bored! Also, I have BFRB too (skin/acne picking, specifically) and it's such a daily struggle! I find harm reduction techniques (like painting my nails with gel polish which dulls the tips so if I do pick, it doesn't cause as much damage, as well as using squishy fidget toys helpful, especially if I'm picking my skin unconsciously while watching TV, etc.). It's still hard though. I hope this helps, or at least makes you feel less alone! Lots of love
Becca & Nora
Becca & Nora - 2 måneder siden
Colleen I HATED that movie so much! I couldn't watch the last 40 minutes of it, I googled spoilers
Stephanie Autry
Stephanie Autry - 2 måneder siden
Flynn’s innocence is so precious and pure. I love that little boy❤️
Genna Santaquilani
Genna Santaquilani - 2 måneder siden
I can relate to how you feel. I have dermatillomania too. It's awful and it takes so much willpower for me to not pick at my skin. I hope you find a new therapist that is a better fit for you!
Liesy23 - 2 måneder siden
zowie hood
zowie hood - 2 måneder siden
Look up a explain video of the movie on Netflix it will blow your mind
Olivia S
Olivia S - 2 måneder siden
I have trichotillomania which is when you pull out your hair. It used to be super severe to where I had to shave my head because I couldn’t hide the bald spots anymore. So I know how you feel. It’s hard to find something that helps but you’ll get there!
Erin - 2 måneder siden
Waiting for Guffman!
Grace Gabriela
Grace Gabriela - 2 måneder siden
Just watched Erik die on Vampire Diaries :/
aniya anand
aniya anand - 2 måneder siden
colleen i queen
mark ru2
mark ru2 - 2 måneder siden
My mouth is watering for Challah but this is torture since I can't eat ya
Be Imaginable
Be Imaginable - 2 måneder siden
If you haven’t seen “about time” on Netflix you should watch it with Erik! Best movie of all time possibly 😍
Sarah Lynes
Sarah Lynes - 2 måneder siden
BFRB- bites fingers really bad
Grace Edgerton
Grace Edgerton - 2 måneder siden
Colleen - I am so proud of you for trying to find a new therapist. Going to therapy is HARD. Getting started each time is HARD. And yet here you are doing it! Give yourself some credit and praise for all of the hard and brave work you’re doing. We love you and want the very best for you. I’m on therapist #4 and she’s my perfect match. It’ll happen soon. ❤️
Desiree Bernard
Desiree Bernard - 2 måneder siden
Wow. This was amazing. My autistic brother has BFRB and I had no idea it was an actual “thing”. We just always called it “picking” but knew it stemmed from anxiety. It came on in adulthood and he used to pick his thumb all the way down to his wrist. We’ve had to put gloves on his hands and cut out the fingers and leave the thumb part and that’s helped significantly. Wish you luck in your therapist search 🙏🏻 I know how STRESSFUL that is 😭
Carolina Begue Palis
Carolina Begue Palis - 2 måneder siden
The movie actually has a meaning: it’s about a janitor who is thinking about ending his life, thinking about what his life could have been like if things had gone differently for him. He imagines what it would have been like having a perfect girlfriend and introducing her to his parents, having followed his vocation as an artist and winning an award. But the weirdness starts when his imagination gets mixed with reality, with his subconscious, and it gets too confusing for him to keep a straight line story. The dance at the end represents how the cut back janitor version of himself killed what he could have been if he had acted differently towards his wishes and life projects. Its actually very interesting to watch it back knowing that she is a product of his imagination.
Jem Sings & Stuff
Jem Sings & Stuff - 2 måneder siden
O shit I only just started the video but for one of the first times of my life, I UNDERSTAND THIS REFERENCE. Haven't gotten to that part of the movie, but I loved it. It was weird, and I'll never watch it again, but it unpacked slowly in my head over the next couple of days and I have a lot of appreciation for their attention to detail.
LyAnn Hall
LyAnn Hall - 2 måneder siden
If you want a weird movie like that one you were talking about watch the lobster
Prettymapleleaf - 2 måneder siden
Warm facecloth for 10 minutes, do this several times a day.
Alondra Armendariz
Alondra Armendariz - 2 måneder siden
Anyone know where the measuring cactus things are from? lol
Alessandra Nicole
Alessandra Nicole - 2 måneder siden
It freaks me out that Colleen uses dry measuring cups for liquids..😳
katsmeow69 - 2 måneder siden
We are watching you Colleen. Keep Vlogging :) Also omg Flynn is so stinking cute.
Amine Arman Hernandez
Amine Arman Hernandez - 2 måneder siden
thanks for sharing Colleen!
Jackie Benterou
Jackie Benterou - 2 måneder siden
I really think I have the same thing as you, BFRB(?) because I have always picked at the skin on my fingers for as long as I can remember. I never knew there was a name for it because I always thought I was the only one who did it and that it was just a nervous tick of mine.
Jenna Marks
Jenna Marks - 2 måneder siden
I have dermatillomania and I COMPLETELY understand how you feel! I actually found out that I had it because of YOU! I started therapy for it in early July (I've spent around $1800 so far) but haven't gotten better at all. If anything I have gotten worse. I have learned some strategies but they don't really work for me, so I feel like a failure. Every week I would have more and more anxiety leading up to each appointment, and my picking would get worse. I realized that this therapist was not a good match for me, so I am starting to search for a new one. This is such a hard condition to have. Hopefully we can find new therapists that will help us manage/cope with it
Ellaina Villarreal
Ellaina Villarreal - 2 måneder siden
That’s exactly how I felt when I watched it. So weird and confusing but I enjoyed it
* Snow
* Snow - 2 måneder siden
Flynn’s “yeh” is the best 😂😂
Brooke Jeffers
Brooke Jeffers - 2 måneder siden
He is sooo cute 💜 I feel like him and my son would get along SO well together 😭 they both have similar personalities my sons just a bit younger 💜 he’ll be 2 next month.
Natalie VanNote
Natalie VanNote - 2 måneder siden
For halloween you should make halloween dar dar cookies and frost them and put sprinkles on them
SARAH DIAZ - 2 måneder siden
every time i see her eye red or pink i think she has pink eye but she doesn't so i hope she gets better
Hasini's Fun Adventurs
Hasini's Fun Adventurs - 2 måneder siden
I am still watching
M C - 2 måneder siden
Biggest youtube cooking pet peeve.. using liquids in a measuring cup meant for solids.
Dylan Myers
Dylan Myers - 2 måneder siden
Who else remembers when Flynn was just born?
Clee_torris. - 2 måneder siden
I think it really would help you If you could find a group therapy. So you can see how other people deal with it.
Evangeline Washington
Evangeline Washington - 2 måneder siden
Anabelle Wood
Anabelle Wood - 2 måneder siden
Flynn is the cutest baby on the internet it is official
Audrey Brown
Audrey Brown - 2 måneder siden
Your such a great mom to Flynn
C is for Claire
C is for Claire - 2 måneder siden
I used to get sty’s every year and the best thing I’ve done is to take baby shampoo and put it on with a qtip then wash off and repeat if it doesn’t help. Mine usually go away in a few days when I do that.
Emily Valdivieso
Emily Valdivieso - 2 måneder siden
This video helped me realize i have a disorder, like i was totally oblivious about it and now it all makes sense
Alyssa Burkhalter
Alyssa Burkhalter - 2 måneder siden
I love talking about people mental health I want to be a psychiatrist so
Sherina Suwardi
Sherina Suwardi - 2 måneder siden
I kept peeling my lips off until it bleeds and it hurts but I kept doing it.. so it it BFRB?
Alyssa Burkhalter
Alyssa Burkhalter - 2 måneder siden
I have been watching your for years I love you keep going great
Katie Strange
Katie Strange - 2 måneder siden
Listen I know like when I do therapy for like 6 months then they left and that repeated for over four years and I’m just now stopped
Megan Angell
Megan Angell - 2 måneder siden
I don’t watch your videos regularly but for some reason I clicked on this and I’m kind of shook lol.
I was diagnosed with dermatillomania (I refer to it as excoriation disorder though) many years ago. It’s something that NOBODY knows about I have found in my own life. It makes me feel better to hear someone I look up to also suffers from the same thing I do.
I will say. Something that has helped me (and others in my Facebook group) is keeping my nails done. Since they’re thicker, it keeps me from successfully picking as much.
Em is for Music
Em is for Music - 2 måneder siden
You should watch The Perfection on Netflix, but not with kids...
PowerPuff Midget
PowerPuff Midget - 2 måneder siden
I think you used table spoons when you needed tea spoons for the salt
Holly Miles
Holly Miles - 2 måneder siden
Flynn is so adorable
Kay Didz
Kay Didz - 2 måneder siden
omg i have dermatilamania too i pick at myself constantly and it sucks
Leah - 2 måneder siden
Hey Colleen I’m no expert at the disorder you have and I’m not sure if you’ve tried this before. This might sound silly but what if whenever u get the urge to pick at your skin you put a layer of craft glue on the area and peel that off to try stopping yourself from picking at the actual skin. Again I’ve no idea what I’m talking about 😂
It’s Mia
It’s Mia - 2 måneder siden
If you didn't do this, a quick tip, always cover the challah with egg wash, it tastes WAY better.
before you bake it I don't want anyone getting salmonella.
Katy Alba
Katy Alba - 2 måneder siden
Cut a slice of raw potato and put it on your stye. Overnight if possible. My little brother used to get them all the time and that trick would make it go away super quick
Gwinny Music
Gwinny Music - 2 måneder siden
Thank you so much, my whole family has different BFRBs but I have trichotillomania and everybody treated in a way that they would never want someone to treat them for a long time. I think finally they understand that it just is, and stressing about it only makes it worse
DAILY DOSE - 2 måneder siden
Crusty lil queef is sending mee 😭
Humberto J
Humberto J - 2 måneder siden
I have never seen Miranda speak in Colleen’s voice.
Edit: Behind The Scenes Miranda? I guess that’s alright.
Catalina Cruz
Catalina Cruz - 2 måneder siden
I have the same BFRB but on my face. I have acne now from my mask that I pick constantly, and honestly it’s been rough during Covid. Give yourself some grace; this pandemic has been incredibly rough.
Lock Tay
Lock Tay - 2 måneder siden
If you want to know - you get the styes because you touch your nose and afterwards touch your do that all the time in your videos! So the bacteria from your nose gets into your eyes. It's true! You can google it! :)
Dani Ann
Dani Ann - 2 måneder siden
Flynn is seriously so cute. Ages 2-3 are so flipping cute and fun.
Alabamasmallsteps - 2 måneder siden
HE Is his father's Doubt. A total duplicate of his dad... lol..sorry Collen. Lol
Kelsey Ryan
Kelsey Ryan - 2 måneder siden
omgggg when the camera unfocused at the beginning i thought “deff a spirit i wonder if she’s ever had a medium come over” and then at the end you say you’re having one over.... i-
Kelsey Ryan
Kelsey Ryan - 2 måneder siden
5:17 he DEFF said “look at that!!!” omg
Danielle Bolner
Danielle Bolner - 2 måneder siden
That stream was hilarious
Ainsley Hawkins
Ainsley Hawkins - 2 måneder siden
Where do I get a Flynn
Aly B
Aly B - 2 måneder siden
I feel you on the therapist thing but sometimes your just gotta change!
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph - 2 måneder siden
I have it, too (and trich). 🙁
Emily Vecellio
Emily Vecellio - 2 måneder siden
I felt the same way about the movie! Once I started noticing things I was really into it
Fer Tastic
Fer Tastic - 2 måneder siden
Why do i get the feeling that flynn is going to be a chef when he gets older ? 😂
PeachesRGreat - 2 måneder siden
Colleen I never wear lipstick but I got "Are You Filming" and I didn't apply it perfectly, but I couldn't help thinking I looked like Miranda in some of the photos I took because of the face I was making. 😂
Weird Broski
Weird Broski - 2 måneder siden
Btw if you like thrilller horror scary ish movies watch The Babysitter and if u like it watch the second one which is The Babysitter Killer Queen
Groh Grho
Groh Grho - 2 måneder siden
How is Flynn a grown ass lil man already? I swear he was born 3 days ago!
Trey Baldwin
Trey Baldwin - 2 måneder siden
I get sties about 2 times a month
Mihaela Iosub
Mihaela Iosub - 2 måneder siden
I'm sorry to hear you have BFRB, but I am glad that someone so popular is bringing awareness to this. It is indeed very hard to find a good therapist for this, but not impossible. Try not to be so hard on yourself, I know it's easier said than done. Much love.
ChristyCafé - 2 måneder siden
Colleen, hon, warm chamomile tea on a soft cloth for your eye should fix you right up
Leah Nelson
Leah Nelson - 2 måneder siden
He is such a little Eric
Emma Duncan
Emma Duncan - 2 måneder siden
My little brother has the shirt Flynn is wearing! lol don't know why I'm excited..
Sasha Gilbert
Sasha Gilbert - 2 måneder siden
I can’t see miranda with Colleen’s voice
Nece M
Nece M - 2 måneder siden
He's so flipping cute I can't stand it.. Flynn: *stuffs handful of sprinkles in face*
3llalevinson - 2 måneder siden
Seriously everyone loves the ends of your vlogs
Charlotte Wynkoop
Charlotte Wynkoop - 2 måneder siden
Flynn is so cute 😍
Destiney! - 2 måneder siden
Repent and turn to Jesus Christ before it’s too late. These fires aren’t a coincidence...
“For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.”
‭‭Malachi‬ ‭4:1‬ ‭KJV‬‬
Abbigail Jolley
Abbigail Jolley - 2 måneder siden
What dot me was you being Miranda but taking like collen